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"Horses-Partners in Life" by Jake Martenis


This book will take you through the eyes and mind of a person that falls into the horse world completely by accident. You will see, think and feel many of the things that I experienced in my early trial and error days of learning about our equine friends. Inside are various adventures, downfalls, plunder, ideas and humorous stories which I am sure most people can associate with in some way or another. This book is not intended to be an instructional. It is written in a way as to appreciate what we can learn from these creatures of God and how they can influence our lives. 



"Horses-Partners in Life" is a wonderful look at how our lives are touched and effected by partners that are loyal and forgiving beyond all expectations.  This book takes Jake from no interest in horses to becoming a true horseman. Everyone that reads this book should be able to take a minute and look at how their lives have changed and what they have learned from horses. 

-Jimmy Driver, Professional Horseman 

 As a novice rider, I know very few things about horses. I was one of those riders who pulled back on the reins while squeezing with my legs. No wonder the horse was confused! I wish I had had access to Jake's book and knowledge when I was younger. I would have known so much about how horses behave and think and would have enjoyed my interactions with them on a much broader basis. I now understand about the cues a horse needs to respond to my requests.

  If I ever purchase a horse, Jake will be the first person I'll consult. I watched him in the round pen, never touching the horses, yet they, to my amazement, would respond to his request without fail. While reading his incredibly informative book it felt as if I was back at the round pen receiving his personal instruction. 

 Thank you Jake for helping me to see the world through a horse's eyes and understand the power, magnificence and companionship these creations of God can offer us, if only we can understand their language. A must read for the novice and for anyone who has a desire to understand and better communicate with any horse.          -Karen Smith, Horse Lover

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