Jake and Lea Martenis

We are proud to be the owners of Bar M Ranch and are pleased to have the staff that we have. They are very diversified in their equine training and handling. Without them we would not be where we are at today. 



Haley Waller Lowe

Contact info for "The Connection"

Ph. 423-453-7232

Email- haleywaller96@gmail.com

Our "Go-to" Girl

We are very proud to have Haley in our training program. With her help we have been able to put our horses through a more intensive training program and has helped us produce better mounts for our customers. 

  Personally I love the fact that we have all been on the same page with our training methods, ideas and expectations since the day she started. We have learned from her and she has learned from us. In this business you will frequently have to think outside the box and she's not afraid to do that. 

Ranch Herdsman


Bryton Loy - "Little Big Man"

Even though he may not be old enough to know all the responsibilities that a herdsman needs to know at this time, he is adamant about his involvement with all the chores that need to be done around the ranch. To him there is nothing more exciting than moving cattle, taking a head count or tagging any of the stock. That's where his heart is. 

Even at the age of 9 he already has 6 head of cattle, his own ranch horse and is well aware of the responsibilities it takes to maintain these animals. He has always loved working around the ranch and has actually helped put up fence since he was 2 years old by dragging T-posts to us. As my boy and working buddy I couldn't ask for a better partner.