What We Offer

Private and Group Lessons


We offer private and group lessons for anyone interested in roping, riding,  barrel racing or just working cattle. All ages are welcome. 

Team Roping Lessons


We cater to beginner ropers starting on the ground and working on up to the sled and then on to live cattle.

Barrel Racing Lessons


Our goal here is provide a safe environment for the beginner barrel racer to learn all the fundamentals of the sport under the supervision of 1-2 experienced barrel racers that will walk you through all the steps. 

Horse Training


We specialize in horses that have "people problems". Our goal here is to produce the safest mount possible for all ages. 

Groundwork/Round Pen Lessons


This is where it all starts. To even start to understand our equine partners you have to do the ground work. This is where you start to make the connection. 

Horse Boarding


We offer this on a limited basis.